Design and Production of Umbrella

Outdoor promotion is a low-cost and high-efficiency promotional activity, and giving an umbrella at the event is one of the most effective methods. Apart from its practical use, company and brand name, contact information, slogan, and even the product concept could be printed on it. It is not only allowed consumers know about the company but also promote the brand image in a long run.

We have set up our own factory in Shenzhen of China and specialize to produce umbrella in order to match with customers’ requirements. Umbrella cloth, umbrella bones and handle can be tailor-made.

We have a manufacturing team of more than 50 people to create unique umbrellas with different styles and functions. In recent years, popular reverse umbrellas, windproof umbrellas, golf balls, fan umbrellas, LED umbrellas, elderly cane umbrellas and eccentric umbrellas have been manufactured.

We are delighted to have the opportunities to serve our renowned customers with rigorous inspections and preferential prices, such as Hong Kong Broadband, PCCW, Kao and Hong Kong Radio.

Please contact our sales team at (852) 3529 2668 for details.